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IoT-TICKET is the most complete, modern, and easy-to-use Internet of Things application and innovation platform. Build and manage IoT and AI applications from specific use cases to massive-scale solutions without a single line of code. It enables you to create solutions for a smarter future already today.



  1. Anyone can create massive-scale, analytics-enabled IoT solutions with low-code tools.
  2. Resulting in major cost savings and faster time-to-market.
  3. No heavy R&D, infrastructure, and project management costs.
  4. Minimise risks with market-proof and award-winning solution.

your digital

  1. Concentrate on business development instead of software.
  2. Turn your employees into solution designers to drive innovation.
  3. Increase revenue by introducing new business models.
  4. Improve processes, save costs, and increase safety.

Offers a
complete solution
+ IoT & AI experts with you

  1. Modern design tools with mobile interfaces.
  2. Integrating into your existing ecosystems with 150+ protocols.
  3. Deploy and store secure data anywhere in the cloud or on-premise.
  4. 350+ IoT and AI experts helping you to succeed and reach your goals.

Customer Success Stories

Built with
OPTIME, Schaeffler Group
Remote monitoring service for heating and cooling systems

Schaeffler’s OPTIME is a new and innovative solution is based on IoT-TICKET® and is utilises battery powered, wireless mesh network sensors connected to the cloud for advanced condition monitoring.

  1. Market proven IIoT solution
  2. Scalable and well fit business model
  3. Highly skilled IIoT expertise
Fleet Management, Junttan
Remote Diagnostics Solution

Access and analyse data on piling machines to quickly troubleshoot machine failures. Piling equipment is generally located in difficult conditions around the world and responding to failures has been time consuming and expensive.

  1. Quick and easy troubleshooting and servicing
  2. Machine location and utilisation rate information helps schedule periodic maintenance
Remote management service

Remote management of piling machines, improving efficiency of piling and increasing productivity significantly. Global IoT solution enabled Movax to create new digital services for their customers easily and fast.

  1. Efficiency and productivity increases in piling
  2. New valuable digital services for customers
  3. Digital Service revenue now a major part of business
Tampere Smart City, City of Tampere
Tampere Smart City,
City of Tampere
Smart City Platform

IoT-TICKET® collects data and builds a situational picture of the city’s operations. IoT-TICKET® can be used to combine different data sources, visualise them and user them to automate operations.

  1. Improve the energy efficiency of the city
  2. Improve the quality of service and the resident experience
  3. Achieve cost savings
  4. Enable a common and vibrant city ecosystem
Tampereen Pulssi, City of Tampere
Tampereen Pulssi,
City of Tampere
People flow forecasting app

The newly built Nokia Arena provides facilities for numerous experiences such as watching world-class ice hockey! The city of Tampere wishes to ensure the best possible visiting experience by providing fluent and safe traffic around the big events.

  1. For citizens ensures that service are available
  2. For business makes it easier to prepare for large crowds in need of services
  3. Utilizes machine learning to make forecasts through combining multiple data sourcs
Smart Parking, City of Oulu
Smart Parking,
City of Oulu
Smart Traffic Solution

IoT-TICKET participated in the City of Oulu’s experiments with Smart Parking, an AI solution that guides motorists directly to free parking spaces, thus reducing unnecessary driving in the city.

  1. No unnecessary driving to find a parking space – reduces emissions
  2. Improved resident experience and easier access to services in urban areas
  3. Safer traffic in congested areas
  4. A cost-effective way to monitor parking occupancy
  5. Promotes smarter urban planning and knowledge-based urban management
Danfoss Drives
DrivePro® Remote Monitoring, Danfoss
Remote monitoring service

An extensive portfolio of lifecycle services used globally. DrivePro® Remote Monitoring connects frequency converters to 24/7 monitoring. The goal is to extend the lifecycle of frequency converters.

  1. Rapid response to faults through immediate alerts
  2. Cost savings in maintenance (remote troubleshooting)
  3. No unforeseen downtime and higher availability
  4. More information on the operation of equipment and processes
Loimua – Lämpöluotsi Valvomo
Remote monitoring service

Loimua has entered a new era and is constantly developing its digital business. The Lämpöluotsi service offers clear monitoring views, reports and development proposals – and, of course, optimal heating and cooling of the property.

  1. Improving customer service and supporting a customer-oriented strategy
  2. Longer life cycle of technical building equipment
  3. Easy construction and implementation of new services
  4. Extensive integration possibilities
UPM Energy Beyond Spot
UPM Energy BeyondSpot®
Energy management solution

UPM Energy wanted to create a future-proof energy management solution to enhance the possibilities of digitalization for energy-intensive businesses facing the transition in energy markets. The new service solution BeyondSpot® by UPM Energy was born.

  1. Lower energy costs
  2. New revenue from energy trading
  3. Accurate consumption forecasts
  4. Transparency to energy consumption
Distributed energy monitoring

Helen and Wapice have joined forces to build a remote monitoring and management solution. Helen monitors and controls the operation of its solar power plants and related equipment with IoT-TICKET.

  1. Remote monitoring of solar power plants across Finland
  2. Automatic forecasts of future solar electricity production
  3. Predictive repair of latent faults
  4. Comprehensive and high-quality service for the user
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Same service, hundreds of use cases. See how IoT-TICKET can change the rules of making business in your own industry.

Use first-grade fleet management as the foundation on which to create and iterate new business models.

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Monitor and maintain more intelligently, with certified data security.

Use your data to help city organisations, provide a safer and more engaging citizen experience and nurture new business ecosystems.

Use IoT-TICKET to integrate and command your systems, regardless of the age of your buildings.

Do work in a special industry or want to build something unique? Our IoT-TICKET® Platform offers almost limitless possibilities.

Do you work in a special industry or want to build something unique?
Our IoT-TICKET® Platform offers almost limitless possibilities.

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You can choose a complete innovation platform
plus IoT & AI experts to work with you to build enterprise-level solutions.


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