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IoT-TICKET is multiple times globally awarded, modern, and easy-to-use Internet of Things application and innovation platform. Build and manage IoT and AI applications from specific use cases to massive-scale solutions without a single line of code. It enables you to create solutions for a smarter future already today.



  1. Anyone can create massive-scale, analytics-enabled IoT solutions with low-code tools.
  2. Resulting in major cost savings and faster time-to-market.
  3. No heavy R&D, infrastructure, and project management costs.
  4. Minimise risks with market-proof and award-winning solution.

your digital

  1. Concentrate on business development instead of software.
  2. Turn your employees into solution designers to drive innovation.
  3. Increase revenue by introducing new business models.
  4. Improve processes, save costs, and increase safety.

Offers a
complete solution
+ IoT & AI experts with you

  1. Modern design tools with mobile interfaces.
  2. Integrating into your existing ecosystems with 150+ protocols.
  3. Deploy and store secure data anywhere in the cloud or on-premise.
  4. 350+ IoT and AI experts helping you to succeed and reach your goals.

Customer Success Stories

Core industries

Our core industries

Same service, hundreds of use cases. See how IoT-TICKET can change the rules of making business in your own industry.

Use first-grade fleet management as the foundation on which to create and iterate new business models.

Transform your data into decisive action for unparalleled uptime, output, and profitability.

Monitor and maintain more intelligently, with certified data security.

Use your data to help city organisations, provide a safer and more engaging citizen experience and nurture new business ecosystems.

Use IoT-TICKET to integrate and command your systems, regardless of the age of your buildings.

Do work in a special industry or want to build something unique? Our IoT-TICKET® Platform offers almost limitless possibilities.


Do you work in a special industry or want to build something unique?
Our IoT-TICKET® Platform offers almost limitless possibilities.

as an IoT Platform

You can choose a complete innovation platform
plus IoT & AI experts to work with you to build enterprise-level solutions.

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