IoT-TICKET for industrial manufacturing
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With ever growing demands of process efficiency, advancing technology and maintenance, you need to have a system that adapts to your factory floor reality. Use the award winning IoT-TICKET® to boost productivity, efficiency, real-time data monitoring and predictive maintenance.

P.s. Do you feel like you are a bit late with your IoT implementation? Keep reading, as fast go-to-market is one of the strong points of IoT-TICKET.

Discrete manufacturing

  1. Predictive Maintenance
  2. Quality Control and Assurance
  3. Supply Chain Optimization
  4. Customization and Flexibility

Process manufacturing

  1. Process Optimization
  2. Safety and Compliance Monitoring
  3. Energy Management
  4. Batch Tracking and Traceability
Benefits for Industrial manufacturing

Enhanced Productivity

IoT enables manufacturers to collect data from various machines and equipment in the factory, allowing them to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Predictive Maintenance

IoT helps in boosting production efficiency by enabling predictive maintenance. It reduces downtime and improves workplace safety.

Improved Quality Control

IoT technologies can enhance product quality by providing insights into the manufacturing process.

Increased Safety

IoT can improve workplace safety by monitoring equipment and alerting about potential issues.

Increased Flexibility

IoT provides flexibility by allowing manufacturers to remotely monitor and control machines and equipment.

Supply Chain Optimization

IoT can streamline the supply chain by providing real-time visibility into goods movement.

Energy Efficiency

IoT can help in improving energy efficiency, which is a significant expense in manufacturing companies.

Improved Communication

IoT improves communication between machines and humans, leading to more coordinated and streamlined production processes.

Cost Reduction

By optimizing production processes and reducing downtime, IoT can help in reducing manufacturing costs.

Competitive Advantage

Implementing IoT solutions can provide a competitive advantage by creating new revenue streams and business models.


We selected IoT-TICKET® as it is a market proven industrial IoT platform easy adaptable through the highly skilled Wapice team for our needs, with a business model that well fits our solution and service business.”

Richard Haagensen
Ecosystem and Partners Program Manager, Schaeffler

With the help of IoT-TICKET®, even new technologies can be introduced at almost routine pace, and the development and maintenance of the service level has been smooth. The focus is on increasing customer value rather than on software.

Tuomo Härkönen
Director of Digitalization, Caverion

Our comparison showed that Wapice’s IoT-TICKET® platform is by far the most agile way for us to get started. The choice was also supported by cloud independence: IoT-TICKET® can be installed in any commercial cloud environment.

As a global business, we feel it is important that we can adapt to different customer requirements for cloud services when needed.”

Simo Kekkonen
Head of IoT, Danfoss
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Built with
OPTIME, Schaeffler Group
Condition monitoring on a global scale

Schaeffler’s OPTIME is a new and innovative solution is based on IoT-TICKET® and utilises battery powered, wireless mesh network sensors connected to the cloud for advanced condition monitoring.

  1. Market proven IIoT solution
  2. Scalable and well fit business model
  3. Highly skilled IIoT expertise
Danfoss Drives
DrivePro® Remote Monitoring, Danfoss
An extensive portfolio of lifecycle services used globally

DrivePro® Remote Monitoring connects frequency converters to 24/7 monitoring, extending the lifecycle of frequency converters.

  1. Rapid response to faults through immediate alerts
  2. Cost savings in maintenance (remote troubleshooting)
  3. No unforeseen downtime and higher availability
  4. More information on the operation of equipment and processes
IoTFlex, Caverion
IoTFlex, Caverion
Proactive maintenance service with advanced machine learning

Intelligent sensors measure the actual condition of machines and predict possible defects by use of analytics.

  1. Combining information and alerts saves costs and increases end-customer satisfaction
  2. New technologies can be introduced at routine pace
  3. The focus is on increasing customer value rather than on software
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Customer Success Stories

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How to get started

Everyone is busy these days, and 60 minutes can feel like a lot. But we promise this: After our Executive Brief you will know:

  1. If IoT is the right path for your company
  2. Whether IoT-TICKET is the best option for your unique situation.
1 hour
1. Executive Brief
  1. Solution introduction
  2. Application examples
  3. Introduction of onboarding process
2 hours
2. Use Case / Service Assessment
  1. Use case description
  2. Technical requirements
  3. Subscription models
  4. Examples from industry
4-12 weeks
3. Onboarding Phase
  1. Personalized roadmap for your digital services development
  2. IoT application, utilizing your company data
  3. Knowledge about how to leverage IoT and AI in your business
12 weeks ->
4. Digital Business Launch & Scaling
  1. Launch your service to global markets
  2. Scale the usage trough new services or expand the current service
  3. Use the new features available
Meet our industry expert
Markus Mäkelä
Co-Founder, Wapice Ltd.
+358 10 277 5014
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Our IoT-TICKET® Platform offers almost limitless possibilities.

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Not seeing what
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Our IoT-TICKET® Platform offers almost limitless possibilities.

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