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You need to know where your machines are and how they perform. But with IoT-TICKET® a first-grade fleet management is only the beginning – the baseline on which you can start to innovate, create and iterate new business models.

Material handling equipment

  1. cranes
  2. industrial load carriers
  3. forklifts
  4. storage systems

Construction machinery

  1. excavators
  2. loaders
  3. bulldozers
  4. piling

Mining equipment

  1. Drills
  2. loaders
  3. trucks
  4. miners

Retail logistics

  1. Forklifts
  2. Trucks
  3. Conveyor systems
  4. Packaging machinery

Farm equipment

  1. tractors,
  2. harvesters
  3. farm trucks
  4. balers, fertilizers, seeders


  1. automotive
  2. AGVs (automated guided vehicles)
  3. AMRs (autonomous mobile robots)
  4. manufacturing machinery
Benefits for moving machines

Automated Data Collection

IoT devices can automatically collect data, reducing the need for manual data collection methods.

Increased Productivity and Uptime

IoT can help increase productivity and reduce machine downtime.

Improved Process Efficiencies.

IoT can streamline processes, making them more efficient

Accelerated Innovation

IoT can drive innovation by providing valuable insights from the collected data.

Data-Driven Supply Chain:

IoT enables a data-driven supply chain, improving inventory management and reducing waste.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

IoT can enhance operational efficiency by automating various processes.

Improved Quality Control

IoT devices can monitor production in real-time, allowing for immediate adjustments and thus improving quality control.

Reduced Operating Costs

By improving efficiency and reducing downtime, IoT can help to reduce operating costs.

End-to-End Operational Visibility

IoT provides visibility into all operations, from the supply chain to customer delivery.

Product as a Service Offering

With IoT, manufacturers can shift from selling products to offering “product as a service”, which can open new revenue streams.


IoT-TICKET solution enables us to meet the ever-growing demand. Bi-directional information allows us to offer expertise to our customers and retailers despite the long distances. Utilizing the data on the cloud is a flexible and fast process, enabling easy development of existing solutions further to meet future needs.”

Ville Tikkanen
Quality and Development Manager, Movax

IoT-TICKET has been an excellent solution that enables the use of complex IoT applications as desired by our customers

Developing new business models based on real-time and historical machine data has never been easier. “

Marko Takkula
Business Development Manager, Epec

Our comparison showed that Wapice’s IoT-TICKET® platform is by far the most agile way for us to get started. The choice was also supported by cloud independence: IoT-TICKET® can be installed in any commercial cloud environment.

As a global business, we feel it is important that we can adapt to different customer requirements for cloud services when needed.”

Simo Kekkonen
Head of IoT, Danfoss
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Built with
Danfoss Drives
DrivePro® Remote Monitoring, Danfoss
An extensive portfolio of lifecycle services used globally

DrivePro® Remote Monitoring connects frequency converters to 24/7 monitoring. The goal is to extend the lifecycle of frequency converters.

  1. Rapid response to faults through immediate alerts
  2. Cost savings in maintenance (remote troubleshooting)
  3. No unforeseen downtime and higher availability
  4. More information on the operation of equipment and processes
Fleet Management, Junttan
Remote Diagnostics Solution

Access and analyse data on piling machines to quickly troubleshoot machine failures. Piling equipment is generally located in difficult conditions around the world and responding to failures has been time consuming and expensive.

  1. Quick and easy troubleshooting and servicing
  2. Machine location and utilisation rate information helps schedule periodic maintenance
Remote management service

Remote management of piling machines, improving efficiency of piling and increasing productivity significantly. Global IoT solution enabled Movax to create new digital services for their customers easily and fast.

  1. Efficiency and productivity increases in piling
  2. New valuable digital services for customers
  3. Digital Service revenue now a major part of business
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Customer Success Stories

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IoT Project Pitfalls
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How to get started

Everyone is busy these days, and 60 minutes can feel like a lot. But we promise this: After our Executive Brief you will know:

  1. If IoT is the right path for your company
  2. Whether IoT-TICKET is the best option for your unique situation.
1 hour
1. Executive Brief
  1. Solution introduction
  2. Application examples
  3. Introduction of onboarding process
2 hours
2. Use Case / Service Assessment
  1. Use case description
  2. Technical requirements
  3. Subscription models
  4. Examples from industry
4-12 weeks
3. Onboarding Phase
  1. Personalized roadmap for your digital services development
  2. IoT application, utilizing your company data
  3. Knowledge about how to leverage IoT and AI in your business
12 weeks ->
4. Digital Business Launch & Scaling
  1. Launch your service to global markets
  2. Scale the usage trough new services or expand the current service
  3. Use the new features available
Meet our industry expert
Markus Mäkelä
Director of energy business line
+358 10 277 5014
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Our IoT-TICKET® Platform offers almost limitless possibilities.

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Our IoT-TICKET® Platform offers almost limitless possibilities.

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