Seamless IoT communication and connectivity

Easy IoT connectivity is a crucial aspect of IoT development. It enables seamless integration of IoT devices with the cloud, other devices, and integration points such as IoT gateways and sensors.


Mastering the Art of Data Acquisition

Whether you have existing devices on the field or you are just planning to measure something we are there to help you out.

Data exchange between data sources and IoT platform is one of the common concerns when starting to establish digital services based on collected and processed data. With IoT-TICKET’s comprehensive connectivity layer you are well covered!

IoT-TICKET is supporting protocols like MQTT, HTTP, REST, LoRa, Sigfox, AMQP, CoAP, Modbus, OPC UA, Classic OPC DA, BACnet, oBIX, CAN, … +over 150 more through protocol converters!


Unlock the Full Spectrum of Iot Connectivity and Control

IoT-TICKET empowers you to take charge of your connected ecosystem with an unprecedented level of control and AI intelligence.

In the realm of IoT platforms, IoT-TICKET capabilities extend far beyond the mere reading of telemetric data and monitoring alarms and events from your data sources.

Imagine being able to do more than just observe your devices and systems; envision the ability to send commands with precision, remotely control field devices, initiate and halt processes at will, and dynamically adjust parameters to fine-tune operations – all from the convenience of your fingertips.

Whether you’re optimizing energy consumption in a smart building, managing a fleet of vehicles, or orchestrating an intricate industrial process, our platform empowers you to not just react but proactively shape outcomes. It’s about taking the driver’s seat in your IoT ecosystem, where your devices and systems respond intelligently to your commands and adapt to changing conditions in real-time.


Integrate with other ecosystems– Unlocking new horizons

Whether you’re looking to enhance functionality, extend reach, or drive innovation, integration opens up a realm of possibilities.

In the dynamic world of the IoT, the ability to seamlessly connect with other technologies is key to unlocking the full potential of your digital solution.

IoT-TICKET’s one of the core principles is to stay open for data exchange. We avoid vendor-locking. Public Open API aims to give possibilities for integrating with other systems as well as use IoT-TICKET automated manner from other systems. Through this powerful API you may manage devices, assets, digital twin, read data out, send commands to the field, and do many more operations.

IoT-TICKET contains many inbuilt features for helping data integration with other ecosystems. As an example, IoT-TICKET has management UI’s where power-user may seamlessly integrate with Azure IoT Hub and Event Hub. In practice it means that any device which is compatible with Azure IoT can be also connected to the IoT-TICKET.


Turnkey connectivity with WRM247 LTE

WRM247 LTE is a robust field device for remote management, measurement and control.

Device is designed and produced by Wapice Ltd. IoT-TICKET Edge software ensures smooth compatibility with IoT-TICKET platform.


  1. Plug & Play connectivity with IoT-TICKET platform
  2. Data acquisition & remote control device
  3. Cellular & wireless connectivity
  4. Update and configure remotely
  5. Complete, secure solution
  6. Easy to install
  7. Digital and analog IO
  8. Fieldbus interfaces: 1-Wire, Acceleration, Bacnet, CANopen, CANopen, Events, GPS, Hardware I/0, ISOBUS, Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, Modbus-ASCII, NMEA-0183, OBD, Rest Client, Time, VSE Protocol, Webro Sensor.

Wondering how to get specific device or data source connected to the IoT-TICKET ecosystem?

Tell us more about your use case and the data source what you would like to connect IoT-TICKET ecosystem.



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