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Considering creating applications or services based on data from various sources? Looking for solutions for condition monitoring, real-time analytics, expanding your product business towards services, or seeking cost savings to enhance your processes? IoT-TICKET is the most advanced IoT software and service, scalable from specific use cases to large-scale projects. We serve customers ranging from medium-sized companies to global corporations.


Core features

IoT-TICKET is an innovative, subscription-based Nordic IoT and AI platform, designed for creating market-ready solutions within minutes and without a single line of code.

IoT Communication

Data exchange between data sources and the IoT platform is one of the common concerns when starting to establish digital services based on collected and processed data.


IoT-TICKET is innovative, subscription based Nordic IoT and AI platform, designed for creating market ready solutions within minutes and without a single line of code.


Connect your
devices easily
and quickly

No need for a cost demanding and time-consuming software integration project.

IoT-TICKET® speaks natively in the language of machines. Let our connectivity layer automatically harmonise and prepare easily accessible time series for you with data aggregation. This enables easy and neat IoT application building without spending too much time on data preprocessing.

Ramping up an loT & Al project is just a decision to do it. If your device or system isn’t already supported by IoT-TICKET, connecting it is easy with our multiple connection interfaces. Find out more about connecting interfaces from here.


your assets
and scale up

Effortlessly oversee all your assets, devices, sensors, and more

The platform’s comprehensive asset management system encompasses everything: from initial planning and seamless onboarding to continuous monitoring, proactive maintenance, and eventual retirement. Streamline every lifecycle stage. Enhance your current infrastructure, seamlessly integrate legacy devices, and accelerate your time-to-market. Ensure that you and your clients remain at the forefront of competitiveness, innovation, and expansion, all powered by the IoT-TICKET platform-as-a-service.

Among other features, IoT-TICKET offers an in-built templating option for dashboards, reports, and cloud applications. You can design once and then roll out the templated solution to the entire fleet or selected assets.


into existing and
new ecosystems

Effortless compatibility and smooth scalability.

Harness the power of effortless compatibility as we bridge the gap between your existing cloud infrastructure and new frontiers of innovation. In a world where adaptability is paramount, integrating into cloud ecosystems isn’t just about technology – it’s a strategic move.

IoT-TICKET can easily integrate with the existing ecosystems and acquire data from another cloud system. With our platform’s management API, it is possible to fully operate and commission organisations, assets, digital twins, and devices to the platform. This enables smooth scalability.


Artificial intelligence
& Machine learning inside IoT-TICKET core

Use AI and ML to analyse and react to data

Whether it’s about optimising processes, meeting dynamic customer demands, detecting anomalies from data or other analytics use cases, be a few steps ahead and uncover valuable insights that would otherwise remain concealed within the vast expanse of your data. With AI and ML at your disposal, transform raw information into actionable intelligence that fuels your growth and enables new business models.

Our platform empowers you to unlock hidden patterns, make data-driven decisions, and drive unprecedented efficiency through the fusion of cutting-edge AI and ML technologies with your data streams. Take the strategic decision and put Artificial Intelligence to work for you. Explore collected data, receive results faster by training AI and ML models with real-time data.


IoT ecosystem

Gain ultimate flexibility with the concept of IoT-TICKET Anywhere.

Seamlessly execute and host the IoT-TICKET platform within any modern cloud environment, private cloud, or even on-premises using local hardware.

For example, depending on your use case, you may prefer to choose a private cloud option, a cost-efficient shared cloud, or benefit from having a local installation. This can address cases where stringent data protection regulations are required and all data must remain offline.


Make it truly yours
with branding

Your brand, your colours, your way!

Establishing your own branding for IoT solutions goes beyond mere aesthetics. It holds the key to a multitude of advantages that can significantly impact your business’s success.

Make the solution look truly yours as it can be fully customised with your company’s branding guide, including logos, colours, fonts, etc. Create or enhance your own business around it and don’t forget to give it a cool name!

IoT-TICKET Branding
IoT-TICKET Branding
Customer branding
Customer branding
Benefits of

based solutions

New platform features without own development

An award-winning, easy-to-use low-code – no-code platform where anyone can create massive-scale, AI-enabled IoT solutions stunningly fast. Offering major cost savings and faster time-to-market.

Years of expertise from industrial partner

An award-winning, easy-to-use low-code – no-code platform where anyone can create massive-scale, AI-enabled IoT solutions stunningly fast. Offering major cost savings and faster time-to-market.

Concentrate on business development instead of software

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