IoT-TICKET partner program

designed to maximise
our partners’ success


Why partner
with IoT-TICKET?

IoT-TICKET partnership has been designed to maximise our partners’ success across business models, platform scalability, technological capabilities, ease of use, and fast time to market.

Partnering with the easy-to-use IoT-TICKET platform unlocks the access to offer IoT and AI apps to customers rapidly and cost-effectively. IoT-TICKET partnership offers multiple revenue streams and scalability, which is available for all cloud technologies.

Runs on all cloud ecosystems and even on-premises

IoT-TICKET runs in all popular cloud environments (Azure, AWS, and Alibaba Cloud). It can also be run securely on-premises without any cloud.

Scalability in tech
and in business

It offers scalability both in technical capabilities and features, as well as in pricing models. It caters to both small companies and global enterprises.

Quick earnout with
fast time to market

The first market ready IoT and AI apps can be created in a few days, offering a fast time to market. This allows for a quick return on investment without heavy spending on infrastructure and risky R&D.

revenue streams

The IoT-TICKET partnership offers multiple revenue streams, such as SaaS subscriptions, consultancy services, customer care services, subscription upgrades, and feature upsells.


the potential

IoT-TICKET®has been growing consistently year over year. Now, we are further accelerating this growth with several initiatives. We are targeting growth locally in Finland and anticipating even more rapid expansion in Europe and globally.

Currently we are witnessing the most accelerated growth rates among our international customers. At the same time we are bringing constantly new customers in with our customer friendly onboarding process.


Customer Success Stories


Partner benefits

Thorough partner onboarding

We onboard our partners, equipping them with the expertise required to successfully sell IoT-TICKET. Depending on their partner type, each one receives a tailored set of skills and tools.

Personal channel manager

We provide our partners with a dedicated Channel Manager, ensuring personal sales support and a direct line of communication to the IoT-TICKET staff.

Support from IoT-TICKET experts

IoT-TICKET® experts with multiple years of IoT and AI expertise are here to help our partners overcome any technical challenges.

Resource centres always available

We provide our partners with all the essential materials for success with IoT-TICKET®, from marketing resources to technical documentation.



We understand each partner’s uniqueness and offer tailored partnership types as a starting point for discussions.

Technology partner

You offer technology like sensors, lights, and devices and your customers need an IoT platform to take advantage of those. Our solutions support one another. We work together with the customer and enhance each other’s value.

Industry partner

You possess in-depth knowledge of a specific industry or sector and understand how it can benefit from IoT and AI. You know which applications add value. We provide the platform to realize those applications.

Reseller / local partner

You have local customers who value a local presence, language and culture. You can sell IoT-TICKET as a platform or create apps for your customers. Acting as a customer care and first hand support sounds great also. We provide the award-winning platform and the necessary support to ensure success.

Consultant partner

You operate, perhaps individually, with a vast network and access to diverse opportunities. Recognizing the potential of IoT-TICKET® for these prospects, you introduce us to potential clients. After successful negotiations, you receive compensation for your efforts.


Let’s build
success together!

Create a competitive differentiator for your business by offering IoT-TICKET solutions for your customers or integrate IoT-TICKET as part of customer architecture.

Contact us today and our partner team will be in touch to discuss our Partner Program with you. It’s time to apply!

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