IoT-TICKET Core features

Constantly developing Nordic IoT & AI platform. Not limited for features and functionalities deployed today. We listen to our customers, follow trends, and use our industrial know-how to drive platform feature development using agile methods. Our goal is to continuously improve and deliver our customers incremental added value.



Create solutions, track your KPIs, make data-driven decisions, and innovate.

Unlock the power of IoT data with IoT-TICKET Dashboards. Gain real-time insights, track performance, and control devices effortlessly.

Visualise data with over 120 widgets and data-flow blocks. Set automation rules and receive alerts. Experience seamless monitoring and management like never before. Maximize efficiency and make data-driven decisions with intuitive IoT-TICKET Dashboards.

IoT-TICKET Dashboards:

  1. Web-based user-friendly applications for end-users.
  2. Compose your own Dashboards and Applications. Dashboards are designed in a user-friendly drag & drop style Interface designer and Data-flow editor.
  3. Over 120 widgets and data-flow blocks allowing you to easily create optimised functionality for your use cases.
  4. Widgets and data-flow blocks are enabling you to visualize the data you’ve collected, facilitate user interactions, calculate new values based on other values, do logic operation, enrich data, open dialogs, structure widgets in layout containers, allowing navigations to other dashboards, even embed external content from 3rd party systems and a lot more.


Stay informed with reports, create and automate reports from your assets.

Make new business with IoT data by using reporting functionalities. Seamlessly consolidate information from diverse data sources, enrich the resulting dataset, and add automated notes and recommendations.

Experience the power of stunning reports that are automatically generated for your stakeholders and end-users.

IoT-TICKET Reports:

  1. Reporting features empower you with a versatile set of widgets, enabling you to design and customize your reports to perfectly align with your preferences.
  2. Automated report generation process ensures that you never miss a beat.
  3. Report creation can be triggered by scheduled events, data-flows from Dashboard or Cloud Application.
  4. Reports can be delivered as PDF files directly to the designated email addresses or for the later use to the cloud storage.

Cloud applications

Monitor and process your assets automatically on background.

Let background processing engines work for you! Enrich data, identify anomalies, trigger alarms and calculate new sets of time-series data.

IoT-TICKET Cloud applications:

  1. IoT-TICKET Cloud Application is a data-flow logic build by Data-flow Designer -low-code editor. Cloud Application can calculate new values based on other values, enrich data, do condition monitoring and and raise alarms and events.
  2. Cloud Applications are data-flows executed by Cloud Application Runtimes. They provide powerful area for continuously running created data-flow logics on backend.
  3. Cloud Applications are created by using same Data-flow editor as Dashboards, except there are only specific data processing logics available. Typically Cloud Applications are used for enriching data, doing condition based monitoring, alarming logics, etc.

Advanced Data Analytics

Enable Modern AI and Machine Learning capabilities.

By leveraging modern AI and Machine Learning technologies and algorithms, you can identify patterns, detect anomalies, and predict future trends with remarkable accuracy.

Experience a new level of efficiency, accuracy, and innovation as you unlock the full potential of your IoT ecosystem. Find new additional benefits and digitalisation business from collected data.

IoT-TICKET Advanced data analytics:

  1. Run external machine learning jobs and models with collected data. Use ONNX models and execute them within powerful low-code / no-code environment.
  2. Feedback loop is a lot shorter and delivery frequency is high for the added value.
  3. Train your models with historical or real-time data.
  4. Deploy trained models to be run inside IoT-TICKET® Cloud Applications for fast results.
  5. Create alarms and events based on analysed data.
  6. Drag & drop AI modeling in data-flow tools.
  7. Python-made Software Development Kit available for easing data scientist’s daily operations

Citizen development

Low-code/no-code, easy-to-use content creation tools.

Streamline IoT Implementation and Become a Digital Leader: Effortlessly create IoT applications and business models within minutes. Avoid the need for costly software development.

Harness the power of your most valuable resources – your personnel – by providing them with the essential toolkit to convert your concepts into revenue using the perfect suite of tools.

Citizen development:

  1. At its core IoT-TICKET is low-code/no-code platform, meaning one does not need programming skills to use it. Different data visualization and management views can be created by flexibly combining ready-made components using the tools provided by the platform. This allows experts from different industries to directly apply their own expertise to create solutions without having to have a long and complex software development project in between the idea and the finished solution.

Connectivity & data acquisition

Acquire valuable data from diverse range of data sources.

Seamlessly connect and harness the power of your IoT devices, sensors, and existing data systems. Break down data silos, integrate data together from various systems.

Let connectity layer to automatically harmonise and prepare easily accessible timeseries for you with data aggregation. This enables easy and neat IoT application building without spending too much time on data preprocessing.

IoT-TICKET Connectivity:

  1. Future proof, not locked only in devices known today.
  2. Connect and integrate your devices effortlessly, regardless of their manufacturers or communication standards.
  3. Enable integration with common connectivity hubs like Azure IoT and event hub.
  4. Seamlessly establish bi-directional communication channels and unlock the true potential of IoT ecosystem.
  5. Stay up-to-date with the latest information, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your operations
  6. IoT-TICKET platform supports a wide array of connectivity options, ensuring compatibility with various protocols such as MQTT, HTTP, SigFox, LoRa, Modbus, Classic OPC DA, OPC UA, BACnet, oBIX, CAN and many more.

Alarms and Events

Get notified when required, focus on critical assets and gain actionable insights for enhanced operations.

Experience seamless control and enhanced monitoring with IoT-TICKET’s Alarms & Events features. Optimise operations, prevent downtime, acknowledge events and make informed decisions.

Enable event activation from your machinery, devices or define specific conditions within the Dashboard’s data-flow, and let IoT-TICKET handle the rest. Whether it’s a sudden drop in temperature, an unexpected spike in energy consumption, or any other anomaly, IoT-TICKET has got you covered.

IoT-TICKET Alarms and Events:

  1. Trigger events from the Dashboard’s data flow by defining specific conditions. Users have the flexibility to determine the criteria for event activation.
  2. Acknowledge events with comment, timestamp and user information.
  3. The Events view provides a convenient way to acknowledge events. The interface retains a complete event history of acknowledged events, which can be easily accessed and reviewed.
  4. Events data can be also received through platform public API.
  5. Activated Events can trigger actions, operation chains and be sent via email to desired recipient groups.

Device management

Gain full control over your devices.

Effortlessly manage your device fleet with comprehensive device management features. Use powerful auto-provisioning functionality by promoting select devices to be IoT gateway devices.

IoT-TICKET Device management:

  1. Monitor all your devices in one centralized location.
  2. Multi-filtering options allow you to quickly narrow down your search and access the information you need.
  3. Device management view provides a clear overview of devices, along with their latest measurement values.
  4. Optimize storage efficiency, IoT-TICKET intelligently stores telemetry values only when they are linked to a digital-twin object or asset. This ensures that your data storage remains clutter-free and focused on relevant information.
  5. Simplify device organization with Device Groups. Attach single or multiple devices to a group, enabling seamless management and efficient collaboration.
  6. Device groups support key-value paired properties, allowing you to store and access common information effortlessly.

Data Marketplace

Share and monetise your data.

The Marketplace empowers users to seamlessly share their accumulated data with external parties through an intuitive web shop interface.

IoT-TICKET users have the flexibility to create Asset Packages directly from the data management view, which can then be effortlessly published to the public marketplace. Once published, external parties can acquire access tokens, enabling them to access and retrieve time series data via the IoT-TICKET’s REST API.


Multi-tenant data model

Take benefits from True Multi-Tenancy.

Experience the freedom to model your business use cases precisely as you envision them. Among other objects our data model contains Subscriptions, Organisations and Digital Twins entities which are the key elements for building value adding IoT Solutions.

Be on the top of the big picture – Monitor data consumption and traffic per tenant. Set data traffic quotas per tenant and avoid unpleasant surprises on costs.


Security as a priority

We take your data protection and privacy seriously. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that your IoT experiences remain secure, reliable, and empowered by the utmost in protection.

Our experts works tirelessly to stay ahead of emerging threats, employing advanced encryption protocols, multi-layered authentication mechanisms, and vigilant monitoring to safeguard your data. Standards like ISO/9001, ISO/14001 and ISO/27001 are steering all the work executed within IoT-TICKET organisation. Development routines are utilising modern development practices having full DevOps pipeline including automatic testing, code review and deployment to DEV, QA and Production environments.

With an unyielding focus on industry best practices and compliance with stringent security standards, we’re confident that our IoT platform is your trusted partner in safeguarding your most valuable digital assets.



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