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Connect Your Assets to Cloud With Ease!

Connecting and linking your data sources is often the initial and most challenging step. We’ve simplified the process, making it both easy and seamless.

IoT-TICKET Universal Gateway is a great solution for mastering both new and legacy data pipelines in industrial domain. It is an advanced gateway application for extending connectivity from your devices and assets to the cloud. Universal Gateway enables real-time data acquisition from various machinery systems to the cloud using HTTPS or MQTT.

Our customers are using Universal Gateway for data harmonisation and data acquisition from smart building automation systems, sensors, wind turbines, engine automation systems, production lines, power plants, SCADA, and many other systems.


Data acquisition made easy

Effortlessly gather data from a variety of sources. The IoT-TICKET Universal Gateway supports a wide range of data acquisition protocols for efficient data collection. With built-in data harmonization capabilities, you can standardize and unify data from diverse sources, making it ready for analysis and actionable insights.

Supported data acquisition protocols:

  1. OPC UA
  2. OPC Classic DA
  3. Modbus TCP
  4. BACnet
  5. oBIX
  6. StecaGrid protocol
  7. Wirepas position engine integration


By integrating smarter, you can enhance operational efficiency, reduce complexity, and focus on what truly matters: improving and securing the growth of your business. The Universal Gateway is designed with simplicity in mind, offering a compact yet powerful solution that performs its tasks with superior efficiency.

Key features:

  1. Automated recovery features
  2. Automatic data tag discovery and data transmission in most of the protocols
  3. Command and control
  4. Data buffering during network outages
  5. Data harmonisation and mapping features for common data model
  6. Ease of use with configuration wizard for fast commissioning
  7. In-built security
  8. Industry 4.0 compatible
  9. Real-time data acquisition
  10. Scalable architecture
  11. Microsoft Windows based application

Modular Architecture

The architecture supports tailored extensions to be added in order to meet specific customer needs.

The application features a modular architecture built on cross-platform technology, currently available for the Windows platform. It can run on various devices such as industrial PCs, laptops, local or remote virtual machines, and cloud platforms. Configuration is facilitated through an intuitive management UI with a configuration wizard to guide users seamlessly. Additionally, users have the flexibility to configure and deploy multiple Universal Gateway agents on the same machine and manage those throught centralised management UI.


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