IoT-TICKET for Building Management
The fastest route to data-driven building management

Are you getting lost in siloed solutions and scattered data, while getting the pressure from new climate regulations and demanding customers?

Use IoT-TICKET to integrate and command your systems, regardless of the age of your buildings.

Building management solution providers

  1. Streamlined building integration to fleet
  2. Holistic asset management from fleets to portfolios
  3. Data insights with crowd learning and anomaly detection
  4. Automated reports from diverse data sources

Energy consulting services

  1. Optimize building fleet energy efficiency and utilization
  2. Energy efficiency: analysing and scaling best practices
  3. Anomaly detection and action proposals based on data analysis
  4. Automated energy efficiency reporting

Property maintenance services

  1. Remote monitoring
  2. Verification of actions and their impact
  3. Automate daily and anomaly reports

Universities, office campuses, shopping centers

  1. Seamless visitor experience: public transportation, parking, elevator and room availability
  2. Air quality
  3. Floor plan integration
  4. People flow

Event facility owners

  1. Optimizing visitor flow: reduced waiting times and improved guidance encourage repeat visits.
  2. Event safety optimisation through people flow analysis and lighting control
  3. Event cargo flow management

Event organisers

  1. Maximising event ROI through efficient visitor flow
  2. Arrival flow predictions
  3. Event safety: real-time & predictions
  4. Thematic lighting: Safe arriving, emergency guidance
Benefits for building management

Energy Efficiency

Adjust lighting, heating, and cooling systems based on occupancy and weather conditions

Enhanced Security

Integrate security systems, like surveillance cameras and access control, combined with remote monitoring.

Manage fleets intuitively with digital twins

Save time in locating a problem. Understand space utilisation in a 3D space intuitively.

Cost savings and verification

Save costs and verify your decisions with data, (data-driven decision making).

Predictive Maintenance

Monitor the condition of equipment in real-time, and create maintenance plan using predicted data.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Monitor and control building systems remotely, respond quickly and flexibly.

Reduce manual work

Automate and streamline time-consuming tasks like complex reporting and new asset integration to save time and resources.

New digital services and business

Turn data insights into valuable services or products for your customers.


IoT-TICKET® platform enables rapid deployment of value-generating applications compared to traditional software development projects.

With the introduction of IoT-TICKET®, we have been able to enhance our customers’ energy optimisation efforts, achieving significant savings during the very first months of operation.”

Teemu Hausen
Business Director, Granlund Oy

We monitor both the big picture and the functionality of individual building systems with IoT-TICKET®. With the real-time information we can react to potential problems before they appear on location.

With the system, we can also easily create new control views, if needed, from larger entities such as a single machine at a particular location.”

Jesse Nieminen
Team Leader, AFRY Oy

The IoT-TICKET platform is really easy to use, so we have been able to quickly launch the Lämpöluotsi Valvomo service and can flexibly modify the system.

Our choice was also influenced by the fact that the solution is cloud-based, offers extensive integration possibilities and satisfies our high requirements on data security.”

Jani Kanninen
Product Manager at Lämpöluotsi Valvomo, Loimua.
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Built with
Lämpöluotsi Valvomo
Remote monitoring service

Loimua has entered a new era and is constantly developing its digital business. The Lämpöluotsi service offers clear monitoring views, reports and development proposals – and, of course, optimal heating and cooling of the property.

  1. Improving customer service and supporting a customer-oriented strategy
  2. Longer life cycle of technical building equipment
  3. Easy construction and implementation of new services
  4. Extensive integration possibilities
AFRY Monitor
Massive scale building monitoring system

Centralized property monitoring system, that quickly detects situational changes that might not otherwise be identified in a large property mass.

  1. Scheduled maintenance based on real-time information
  2. Remote manage and fine-tune the real estate
  3. Real-time information about deviations and maintenance needs
Digital Real Estate Services
Real estate management service

Granlund’s Digital Real Estate Services leverage the Big Data available from automation and technical building systems to ensure the efficient operation of building systems. The information gathered can be used to effectively control technical building systems and maintenance activities.

  1. Real-time transparency of the state of real estate
  2. More precise real estate monitoring and more efficient property maintenance
  3. Analysing energy efficiency generates significant savings
  4. Tools for preventive maintenance and autonomous real estate management
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How to get started

Everyone is busy these days, and 60 minutes can feel like a lot. But we promise this: After our Executive Brief you will know:

  1. If IoT is the right path for your company
  2. Whether IoT-TICKET is the best option for your unique situation.
1 hour
1. Executive Brief
  1. Solution introduction
  2. Application examples
  3. Introduction of onboarding process
2 hours
2. Use Case / Service Assessment
  1. Use case description
  2. Technical requirements
  3. Subscription models
  4. Examples from industry
4-12 weeks
3. Onboarding Phase
  1. Personalized roadmap for your digital services development
  2. IoT application, utilizing your company data
  3. Knowledge about how to leverage IoT and AI in your business
12 weeks ->
4. Digital Business Launch & Scaling
  1. Launch your service to global markets
  2. Scale the usage trough new services or expand the current service
  3. Use the new features available

Meet our industry expert

Jari Kuusisto
Product Manager, IoT for Smart Cities
+358 10 277 5105

Jari is passionate about helping cities to reach their sustainability goals and improve citizen happiness with the help of IoT, analytics and AI. Jari is an experienced IoT, Smart Cities and distributed controls professional and has worked in several expert roles at Wapice and Wärtsilä. Jari is interested in exploring how data analytics and machine learning can be utilized to produce better services in the cities.

Jyrki Keskinen
Director of energy business line
+358 10 277 5141

Jyrki has more than 25 years of experience in developing digital energy service solutions and related business. He has been involved in planning and implementing solutions from distributed production systems to end-user services. He is particularly keen in helping the customer in utilizing IoT and data analytics solutions as part of the customer’s new digital services.

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Our IoT-TICKET® Platform offers almost limitless possibilities.

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Not seeing what
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Our IoT-TICKET® Platform offers almost limitless possibilities.

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