Granlund Oy, the leading construction and real estate company, chose the globally awarded IoT-TICKET solution to complement its digital real estate services business. IoT-TICKET enables better services for analysing energy efficiency and monitoring the performance of technical building systems and real estate automation.


Added value with artificial intelligence

With the introduction of IoT-TICKET, we have been able to enhance our customers’ energy optimisation efforts, achieving significant savings during the very first months of operation.

Teemu Hausen
Business Director, Digital Real Estate Services, Granlund Oy


“Business benefits have quickly materialised while working with Wapice. IoT-TICKET® platform enables rapid deployment of value-generating applications compared to traditional software development projects. With the introduction of IoT-TICKET®, we have been able to enhance our customers’ energy optimisation efforts, achieving significant savings during the very first months of operation”, explains Teemu Hausen, the Business Director, Digital Real Estate Services from Granlund Oy.

Wapice’s digitalisation solution uses artificial intelligence to support real estate management, and provides completely new ways to process and visualise information. Intelligent real estate management enables you to respond to the right things at the right time. Errors and manual work are reduced, which also frees up human resources and allows work to be targeted more efficiently.

– Energy efficiency analysis can be based on multiple sources of information, and the data can be combined to provide the best result for the end customer. Wapice’s strong technical expertise and IoT-TICKET® system allow seamless and efficient integration of different data sources, says Mika Ranta-aho from Wapice Oy.

Granlund and Wapice

Pekka Metsi, CEO of Granlund and Pasi Tuominen, CEO of Wapice

Here is what to expect:

  • Real-time transparency of the state of real estate
  • More precise real estate monitoring and more efficient property maintenance
  • Analysing energy efficiency generates significant savings
  • Tools for preventive maintenance and autonomous real estate management

Additional information

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Director of Revenue & Growth
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