Finnish expertise is on display in Dubai’s luxury floating villas. Admares Group Ltd. is responsible for the structural implementation and the exquisite appearance of the villas, while Wapice Ltd. enables the remote monitoring of the villas.

Admares is the world’s leading supplier of alternative real estate, combining state-of-the-art marine-, land- and modular construction technologies. The company designs and builds floating buildings and other special structures and is well known for its luxury villas in Dubai.

Admares started looking for a partner to take care of the implementation and maintenance of a remote monitoring system for floating luxury villas and restaurants. The Wapice IoT-TICKET® system provided a solution to automatically collect real-time information on deviations and maintenance needs from the villas.

Screenshot of Admares's luxury villa maintenance Dashboard in IoT-TICKET®.

Screenshot of Admares’s luxury villa maintenance Dashboard in IoT-TICKET®.

Remote monitoring enabled significant improvements in the maintenance and control of the floating villas. Remote monitoring combines Wapice’s versatile experience and technology expertise across a wide range of industries.

Floating villas combine ship and building technology, making the systems much more complex than traditional construction. In addition, conditions in Dubai set high standards for uninterrupted use of cooling, for example.

With IoT-Ticket, we can monitor the functionality of the systems in real time and respond to potential problems even before they appear on location. The system can also be used for easily creating new dashboards to monitor the performance of individual components.

Marcus Pellas
VP Service, Admares

– Admares is dominant in construction innovativeness and Wapice in technology. It has been a pleasure to design a suitable IoT solution and to be involved in implementing their work of art in Dubai, “describes Mika Ranta-aho from Wapice.

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Director of Revenue & Growth
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