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Smart City Solutions Reduce Carbon Footprint and Enhance City Attractiveness


Helsinki, FinlandSignify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, and IoT-TICKET, an internationally awarded smart city platform, offer ready-made solutions for cities aiming for a more vibrant future. With Signify’s BrightSites, wireless connectivity can be deployed cost-effectively in cities, and with IoT-TICKET, data streams collected from city systems can be transformed into more accurate traffic counting, parking optimisation, predictive lighting management, or more efficient maintenance of buildings and outdoor areas.

BrightSites integrates smart city functions into one network

BrightSites, one of Signify’s latest innovations, enables the creation of a fast and reliable network connection for urban areas using existing streetlight infrastructure. Its deployment is quick and easy, as there’s no need to dig up the streets for fibre optic cables. Moreover, it avoids the carbon emissions that would result from excavation works, keeping the urban landscape intact.

“BrightSites is an excellent solution, as it can be deployed in conjunction with city lighting upgrades. For example, streetlights using traditional light sources can be replaced with gigabit luminaires and smart LED streetlights. Upgrading to LEDs and smart control significantly improves lighting energy efficiency, as LED consumes less energy and the lighting is only on when needed. LED lighting can save up to 70% in electricity consumption when replacing traditional lighting. Light point control also enables the adoption of smart solutions in the urban environment,” says Piia Hänninen, Country Leader of Signify Finland Oy.

IoT-TICKET Boosts City Vitality and Offers Cost Savings

IoT-TICKET, developed by the software company Wapice, is a multi-award-winning Finnish innovation that makes the transition to a smart city easier and faster. At its core is an IoT platform that brings together the data streams of numerous separate applications, allowing them to be transformed into full-fledged smart city services.

“IoT-TICKET presents city decision-makers with a real-time situational picture, enabling genuine data-driven leadership. This allows limited resources to be allocated where they are most beneficial and minimises misinvestments. Tangible benefits for residents include improved services, more efficient public transportation, and the development of traffic systems, streets, and public areas. At the same time, the system also helps to reduce the city’s carbon footprint, supports local businesses, and creates new business opportunities,” explains Jari Kuusisto, Product Manager of Smart City Services at IoT-TICKET.

Various Solutions Available for Smart Cities

Signify and Wapice offer cities a range of ready-made package solutions. The simplest basic package includes light point controlled LED luminaires, smart lighting control, and the high-quality reports and data analytics provided by IoT-TICKET. Smart lighting control is implemented using Signify’s wireless lighting control system, Interact City, which can include motion detection and twilight sensor features with the Philips Outdoor Multisensor. It also allows for monitoring energy consumption and carbon savings. With Interact City’s asset management, very detailed information about luminaires and control devices can be obtained and utilized along with other systems.

A more comprehensive, level two package, solution includes the basic package plus wireless network gigabit or broadband luminaires, AI-based machine vision, additional sensors such as weather observation and traffic counting sensors, and analytics and use cases. These use cases include public Wi-Fi, traffic optimisation, smart waste management, and air quality monitoring. The solution offers a common network for broadband and IoT-TICKET applications, optimizing urban planning and improving residents’ quality of life.

The most comprehensive solution provides cities with a holistic data platform, which can consolidate and harmonise all city-generated system data. This data can be combined and visualized to produce a situational

picture, and it can be applied to data analytics, machine learning, and various AI applications, including generative AI technology, to anticipate situations and pre-direct city operations.

All solutions can be financed flexibly in several ways, either as a one-time investment, leasing, or as a Light as a Service (LaaS).

Signify and Wapice Participate in Tampere’s Smart City Project

In collaboration with Edzcom, Signify and Wapice have delivered wireless fibre optic through streetlights to the centre of Tampere. Thanks to BrightSites, the city’s streetlight infrastructure has become a common network platform for sensors, video cameras, and other technologies. Wapice’s IoT-TICKET processes and converts the collected data into an easily understandable format. Additionally, Wapice’s AI-assisted video surveillance takes advantage of the wireless network. All these improve the city’s safety, which remains a priority for the city of Tampere in the coming years. Signify and Wapice have also delivered to Tampere a dynamic outdoor lighting solution based on traffic and visitor counts, enabling remote control of sports field lighting and maintenance based on usage hours and visitor counts. Furthermore, entrepreneurs and city residents can use usage hour and visitor count analytics to tailor services and resource allocation, as well as to choose the best visiting times.

Other Nordic Collaborative Projects

In addition, Signify and Wapice are involved in other projects in the Nordic countries, utilizing various applications such as electric vehicle charging and enhancing traffic safety with traffic counting. If your city is planning a smart city project, contact us. We would be happy to show how Signify and Wapice’s solutions can fit into your city’s plans and objectives.

Additional information

Jari Kuusisto
Product Manager, IoT for Smart Cities
Wapice Oy
+358 44 553 3512

Liisa Teppo
Key Account Manager, Professional Systems & Services (Public)
Signify Finland Oy
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