The award was received by Teppo Rantanen, executive director of growth, innovation and competitiveness at the city of Tampere.
Photo: The City of Tampere

Tampere Awarded at the World’s Largest Smart City Event


Today, Tampere won the World Smart City award in the category of Enabling Technologies. The awards ceremony was held at the Barcelona Smart City World Congress, the world’s largest smart city event. Tampere was awarded for the innovative usage of IoT and AI. Tampere’s IoT platform is built on IoT-TICKET and its AI capabilities.

The World Smart City Awards were given for the 13th time. The winners were chosen from a total of 411 submissions. The other finalists were from Taiwan and Spain.

The IoT platform in Tampere has gained international recognition for its capacity to enable secure and high-calibre data utilization. The platform has substantially added value to the everyday lives of citizens, the business sector, and governing bodies by introducing a range of applications, software, and services.

What stood Tampere apart from the competition was how Tampere’s smart solutions meet more than local needs or problems. For instance, the city’s various methods of utilising the IoT platform, which acts as a smart data centre, can also be replicated elsewhere. Challenges related to sustainability, safety, and the proper targeting of services intended for businesses are common to many cities worldwide.

”We are truly proud of this moment. Tampere’s boldness as a user of the latest technology and as a developer of services has also been recognized internationally. It has been an honour for us to introduce the latest IoT and AI technology to benefit educational institutions, businesses, and all city residents through IoT-TICKET, commented Jari Kuusisto, Product Manager of IoT for Smart Cities from Wapice Ltd.

”The City of Tampere is a true pioneer in the smart city arena, and first place in this competition is a well-deserved recognition of persistent effort. It’s also great to see how the product development of the IoT platform is bearing fruit and the variety of ways in which IoT data can be practically applied. This enables the city’s operations to be made more efficient and new services created for city experts and local residents,” commented Jukka Niemi, Product Manager of IoT-TICKET, on the victory.

The other finalists for the prize were Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, and Libelium, Zaragoza, Spain.

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Jari Kuusisto
Product Manager, IoT for Smart Cities

Jukka Niemi
Product Manager, IoT-TICKET



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